Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wedding 2011 - Rosshidyee & Azrahayu`

Very long long time didn't post anything to this blog, so here is some of the wedding shots for 2011, which is I think would be decisive year for me, to excel in wedding photography that I love most, to witness their happiness and to capture their wonderful moment is a pleasure, so I'm really grateful to become their Official Photographer :)

Wedding:: Rosshidyee & Azrahayu
Date:: 04 & 05 & 12 Feb 2011
Location:: Alor Setar, Ampang

Friday, September 17, 2010

Landscape & Low Light II

Sambungan kepada post before this, beberapa pics yg nubie...but always looking for improvement really...huhuu

Landscape & Low Light

It's been a decade I didn't post anything or upload anything, not because I run out of materials, just I don't have talent to write a blog and so lazy to upload here.

But I need to "rajinkan diri" or else my blog will be like tukun or abandoned ship here, so upload jelaa...err...malas nak cakap omputih...just nak sharing pics2 from my fesbuk...kali ni from beberapa view dan landscape dan low light yg tak seberapa di kawasan sekitar KL dan Putrajaya..hermm

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The other side of Chow Kit Road

Chow Kit Road, one of the busiest place in KL, I've been in KL for almost 5 years now, but I never had an opportunity to capture every single moment I had during my studies, or hanging around this place. But luckily I have my DLSR while attending Sony Workshop at Hotel Continental, Chow Kit. This workshop is about essay photography, we learn how to snap some pictures to translate it into a story of KL and then present back to the organizer. We were divided into groups and walk out around the area to shoot and create some wonderful story there.

We didn't won, as other contestants were highly superior than us, but me and my team members learn some very valuable experience during our time outing together. Not only learned about the photography itself, me also saw the other side of Chow Kit. We can see people rush, to across the road, cars and motorcycles stuck in traffic jam, others were doing their daily job, to earn their living. Most of them still young, and strong, hunger to find some money to coupe with the rhythm of KL, everything is going so fast and very costly living here.

Not all people have a proper education in their hands, so they know they have to work harder in life. As some people move towards to find their dream, some of them still sleeping, not because they didn't have a dream to catch, but they are homeless people just like in any other big city in the world. It's sad to see them sleeping in the street, being helpless and hopeless, with nobody seems to care. Not to forget, there were also an old man, sitting with his chair around lorong haji taib, don't know what is he doing there, so I snap some pictures of him and the others too. So this is it, the truth, the other side of Chow Kit Road.

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Hopeless & Helpless in KL

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

dCim 2010 show

Last Saturday I went to DCIM show (Digital Camera, Imaging & Media Show), it is an annual show organized by Digital Camera Magazine. The powerhouse of camera/DSLR manufactures involved are off course, Canon, Nikon, Leica, Panasonic nad Samsung, but no Sony, sorry..hehe...maybe Sony is too busy for the upcoming world cup event..no standard lah to join this thing..haha

After arrived at the exhibition centre, i saw a lot of people surrounding some beautiful girls and lots of flash popping and bouncing around that area..hhaha..a group of hunger phtotog enjoy taking the cute and gorgeous models with unique make-up and sexy outfit (wowowo!). Not wasting more time i joined them and catch some pics to share in my blog and my fb..so here we goes!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Shafiq & D' Erin Pre-Wedding

Shafiq and D'Erin are my close friends, i know them since our wonderful time at previous company, VADS, until now Shafiq is still my office mate and my merapu and gila-gila partner all the time at our new workplace (where?shhh...lol)..yeah i miss my old office mates (Roy, Abg Sham, Farid, Wadie, Apai and others) missing the days we all "mengulor" minum-minum sambil buat-buat sibuk kat opis...hehehe

These pictures taken at Taman Tasik Perdana, KL, date is 17th January 2010..now they married already and they have
been a loving couple for 8 years!!